Flag of Aland Islands

Aland Islands

Subject to Country Specific Sanctions? NO

Official Name: Aland Islands
Official Name (Local Language): Åland
Sovereign Status: Finland
Government Type: Autonomous Region of Finland
Official Name (Local Language): Åland
ISO Country Codes: AX : ALA
Internet Domain: .ax
Government Web Site: http://www.aland.ax/en/
Capital: Mariehamn
Main Airports: Mariehamn Airport
Language(s): Swedish
Business Language(s): Swedish;English
Population: 28,000
Local Time: N/A
Timezone: N/A
Local Holidays: N/A
Telephone Dial In: +46
ID Prefix: 00
Currency: Euro
ISO Currency Code: EUR

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News Resources:
Newspaper: NordenBladet;
Newspaper: Nya Åland;
Radio: Åland Radio;