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Three steps you can take to analyse your competitors:

  1. Check the ITC Trade Competitiveness Map
    This provides country market analysis profiles with tools to facilitate strategic market research, monitor trade and macro-economic performance and design your trade development strategies.
  2. Search the Kompass Directory
    Having identified the countries which provide you with the greatest competition, search for specific companies in the countries concerned.
  3. Analyse your Competitors' Web Sites
    Use the tools listed below to check out your competitors – as identified using Kompass.

Market Opportunities

Procurement Leads

ITC’s Export Potential Map

Which markets offer you the greatest potential?

ITC’s Trade Map

What are the current trade flows for your products?

Governments and government agencies advertise their procurement requirements, check out:

ITC’s Procurement Map

To learn more, click here. To access the service, click here.

Procurement Opportunities

Register for notification of public procurement opportunities for your products.

Tariff Information

Trade Leads & Promotion Services

Customs & Non-Tariff Barriers

The key international organizations and commercial service providers providing detailed information services.

ITC’s Market Access Map

Check out tariffs and non-tariff measures and trade flows for trading with specific countries.

Business Networks & Online Markets 

Buy and sell online.


Use Kopiki to post and participate in Purchase Proposals.

Trade Leads & Promotion Agencies

Resources which exist to help promote and support international trade; as well as providing (in some cases) direct trade leads.