Official Name: The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Sovereign Status: Sovereign Country
Government Type: Constitutional Monarchy
Official Name (Local Language): Grand Duche de Luxembourg
ISO Country Codes: LU : LUX
Internet Domain: .lu
Government Web Site:
Capital: Luxembourg City Main Airports: Luxembourg Airport
Language(s): French; German; Luxembourgish Population: 639,589
Currency: Euro ISO Currency Code: EUR
Telephone Dial In: +352 ID Prefix: 00

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Sovereign Ratings:
Central Bank: Banque Centrale du Luxembourg
Currency USD Exchange Rate: 0.82771 euros (EUR) per US dollar (2020 est.)
Unemployment Rate: 5.36% (2019 est.)
Population below poverty line: NA
Inflation Rate: 1.7% (2019 est.)
Prime Lending Rate: 1.46% (Dec-20 - TradingEconomics)
GDP: $71.089 billion (2019 est.)
GDP Pro Capita (PPP): $114,482 (2019 est.)
Currency Name: Euro
Currency Code: EUR
World Bank Classification: High Income

GDP Composition:

Agriculture: 0.2% grapes, barley, oats, potatoes, wheat, fruits; dairy and livestock products
Industry: 11.1% banking and financial services, construction, real estate services, iron, metals, and steel, information technology, telecommunications, cargo transportation and logistics, chemicals, engineering, tires, glass, aluminum, tourism, biotechnology
Services: 88.7%

Source: Central Intelligence Agency Factbook

Financial Exchanges:
Stock & Securities Exchange: Luxembourg Stock Exchange ;

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Export Credit Agency: Luxembourg Export Credit Agency ; Export Insurance Agency: ODL ;

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