Flag of Tokelau


Subject to Country Specific Sanctions? NO

Official Name: Tokelau
Official Name (Local Language): Tokelau
Sovereign Status: New Zealand
Government Type: Parliamentary Democratic Dependency
Official Name (Local Language): Tokelau
ISO Country Codes: TK : TKL
Internet Domain: .tk
Government Web Site: https://www.tokelau.org.nz/
Capital: Nukunonu
Main Airports:
Language(s): Tokelauan;English
Business Language(s): English
Population: 1,647
Local Time: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/tokelau
Timezone: TKT
Local Holidays: https://www.qppstudio.net/public-holidays/tokelau.htm
Telephone Dial In: +690
ID Prefix: 00
Currency: New Zealand Dollar
ISO Currency Code: NZD
Central Bank: Reserve Bank of New Zealand

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Newspaper: Te Vakai;